"For he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful."   (Psalm 36:2)

HEY, LISTEN, I don't need to be "saved."
Why should I have to come crawling to God begging for forgiveness?   I'm not a criminal or anything like that.   I'm no worse than most.   In fact, I've done some pretty good things in my life.
     And when I stand before God I'll just remind Him of it . . . Yeah!   I'll say to Him: remember the time I could have easily cheated that drunk guy in the bar?   In spite of being drunk myself, I held back, I didn't take advantage of him . . .
Yeah!   And how about the time I gave my church the hundred dollars I won gambling?   Huh?!
That was a good thing to do.   How about all those times I could have hurt my mother-in-law's feelings but didn't, by not telling the truth to her face.  Huh?!   That was pretty kind of me.
     Oh, I can go on.   There's plenty of stuff I could tell God.   Like the mistaken extra change I kept, ‘cause I didn't want to embarrass the cashier in front of everybody.   Or the times I sacrificed and went to church just to humor my wife and keep her happy.   Or the time I saved my best friend's marriage by covering for him when he fooled around.
     And let's not forget how I always, always, tried to be a good dad by not swearing when the kids were around.   So these people who keep telling me I need Jesus Christ to save me from my sins, should go find a real sinner to preach to . . . You understand what I'm saying?

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