Church Business / Sunday School Administration

**Book: Baptist Doctrine In One Year   Based on Pendleton's Church Manual (1960)   Pastor M. L. Moser, Sr., CP   [52 lessons ]

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*Book: ELDER RULE ...IN A BAPTIST CHURCH? (2004)   Pastor Robert J. Sargent   [CHURCH LEADERSHIP]

**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

**Paper: Constitution and By-Laws (~2008)   [Info only: offline.]

**Book Report: The Hyles Church Manual (12-4-1997)   Compiled by CHM

**Paper: Indigenous Biblical Missions Technique (12-18-1998)   Compiled by CHM

*Book: Landmarks of BAPTIST CHURCH POLITY (n.d.)   Pastor Robert J. Sargent

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