Bible Commentary: no date

[Bible Study Books/Outlines (KJV) by Bible- believing Baptists.]

*Booklet: 52 BIBLE LESSONS (n.d.)   Ben M. Bogard   [ISBN 0892110562]
[pp. 17-18: JOSHUA.]

Booklet: As for ME AND MY HOUSE   A series of Seven Sermons on Joshua 24:15 (1989)   Pastor Gary S. Prisk

**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM   [ Joshua ]

**Book: Lectures in OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY (n.d.)   Pastor Gary S. Prisk
[pp. 38-42: "JOSHUA"]

**Book: Old Testament Survey   Genesis - Malachi (before 2009)   Pastor Doug Hammett   [Jos.]

Book: SPURGEON'S SERMON NOTES (1884, 1997, 9-2001)   Charles H. Spurgeon

*Book: The Summarized Bible   A Guide to Daily Devotional Bible Study (1919)   Keith L. Brooks, Baker BH   [Info: Reprinted 1965]

*File: Joshua (n.d.)   LAB

*File: THE BOOK OF JOSHUA (n.d.)   P. A. Henderson   [ CD ]

*File: The Book of Joshua (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]

*Paper: Joshua (17 Lessons on the Book of Joshua) (1998)   Lester Hutson   [Table of Contents only]

Joshua and the Land of Promise (n.d.)   F. B. Meyer

Joshua in the Light of the New Testament (n.d.)   W. Scroggie

Keswick Bible Studies. (n.d.)   W. G. Scroggie

Meyer, F. B. Joshua.

Scroggie, William Graham. The Land and the Life of Rest.


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