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[Bible Study Books/Outlines (KJV) by Bible- believing Baptists.]

**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM   [ John ]

*Book: The Four Gospels (2003)   My. David W. Cloud, WOLL
[pp. 134-152: John.]

**Tract: GOD'S SIMPLE PLAN OF SALVATION (1956)   R. Ford Porter, LI   [John 3:7]   [ CHM edition ]

*Book: The Gospel of John (1944, 1974, 1986)   Keith L. Brooks

*Tract: Jesus wants all Denominations to act in Unity   (Guess Again) (n.d.)   STL   [John 17:11]

Audio: John (n.d.)   Pastor D. A. Waite

**File: Joy (1-28-1999)   Compiled by CHM   [John 15:11]

**Book: Lectures in THE LIFE OF CHRIST (n.d.)   Pastor Gary S. Prisk
[pp. 57-62: JOHN.]

*Book: The Light of the World   A Study of the Gospel of John (2002)   My. Doug Hammett, CP

**File: The New Birth. (12-9-1996)   Compiled by CHM   [Gospel of John Chapter 3]

**Tract: THE ONLY DOORWAY (n.d.)   FTL   [John 10:9; 14:6]

**Booklet: STUDY QUESTIONS BASED ON The Gospel of John (n.d.)   My. Milton Martin

*Book: The Summarized Bible   A Guide to Daily Devotional Bible Study (1919)   Keith L. Brooks, Baker BH   [Info: Reprinted 1965]

**Tract: UNTOLD MILLIONS STILL UNTOLD (1967)   Pastor E. L. Bynum   [John 4:35]

**Tract: WHO IS JESUS ? (11-19- 1991)   Compiled by CHM   [John 3:16]

**Tract: Why Is God's one true Church Different from all The rest? (n.d.)   STL   [John 3:1-3, 6-7]

**File: THE WORD OF GOD (n.d.)   RFM   [htm]
**File: The Word of God   Exams (n.d.)   RFM   [htm]

**Tract: World's Most Amazing BOOK (~1988)   Terry Watkins   [John 17:17]

*Booklet: BEST LOVED CHAPTERS OF THE BIBLE John 3 (1967)   John R. Rice

The Divinity of Christ in the Gospel of John. (n.d.)   A. T. Robertson

Epochs in the Life of the Apostle John. (n.d.)   A. T. Robertson

The Fourth Gospel: The Epistle to the Hebrews. Vol. V in Word Pictures in the New Testament. (n.d.)   A. T. Robertson

*Book: GOD SO LOVED (1960, 4-1978)   J. Sidlow Baxter

The Gospel of John (n.d.)   F. B. Meyer

The Gospel of John (n.d.)   W. G. Scroggie

*File: The Gospels   Part One: The Manifestation of His Life (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Two: The Final Week (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Three: Miracles of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Four: The Parables of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Five: The Sermons of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Six: The Predictions of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]

JOHN (n.d.)   H. Sightler

Web: John (n.d.)   D. W. Sparks   [ CD ]

*File: John 1-10 (n.d.)   C. Bishop   [ CD ]
*File: John 11-21 (n.d.)   C. Bishop   [ CD ]

John--Vol. I (Ch. 1-7) (n.d.)   O. B. Greene
John--Vol. II (Ch. 8-14) (n.d.)   O. B. Greene
John--Vol. III (Ch. 15-21) (n.d.)   O. B. Greene

John's Wonderful Gospel (n.d.)   I. Powell

Outline Studies In John (n.d.)   R. Lee

The SON of GOD (n.d.)   John R. Rice

St. John: Introduction and Notes. (n.d.)   W. G. Scroggie

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