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[Bible Study Books/Outlines (KJV) by Bible- believing Baptists.]

**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM   [ Ezra ]

**Book: Lectures in OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY (n.d.)   Pastor Gary S. Prisk   ["EZRA" pp. 76c-78a]

**Book: Old Testament Survey   Genesis - Malachi (before 2009)   Pastor Doug Hammett   [Ezr]

**Book: Studies In The Book Of EZRA (n.d.)   Pastor Clayton E. Doss
*Book: The Summarized Bible   A Guide to Daily Devotional Bible Study (1919)   Keith L. Brooks, Baker BH   [Info: Reprinted 1965]

*File: Ezra (n.d.)   LAB

*File: The Book of Ezra (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]


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