William Tyndale: 1987-1988

William Tyndale

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**List: William Tyndale Survey

*Magazine: A Man for All People: Introducing William Tyndale (1987, 1988)   Tony Lane   [CH, pp. 6-9]

*Magazine: The Gallery of Characters in Tyndale's Story (1987)   [CH, pp. 10-11]

*Magazine: Tyndale's Betrayal and Death (1976, 1987)   Brian H. Edwards   [CH, pp. 12-15]

*Magazine: The Bible Translator Who Shook Henry VIII (1987)   [CH, pp. 16-18, RCC? biased]

*Magazine: Where Did Tyndale Get His Theology? (1987)   [CH, pp. 19, 22-23]

*Magazine: A TIMELINE on William Tyndale (1987)   [CH, pp. 20-21]

*Magazine: The Pen-and-Ink Wars, Or Tyndale vs. More (1987)   [CH, pp. 24-25, RCC? biased]

*Magazine: What Tyndale Owed GUTENBERG (1987)   [CH, pp. 26-28]

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