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My. Jeff D. Lange
SE Asia
Home Phone 011-66-2-902-0015
Jeff's Cell Phone 011-66-87-193-7157

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**Prayer Card: Jeff Lange Family (12-6-2015)

*Prayer Letter: Prayer & Newsletter (September & October 2012)
**Prayer & Newsletter: Letter (3- 1-2008)   JDL

*Paper: About The Lange's.... (1-26-2005)

*Tract: I was a slave to sin until the Truth set me free   My name is Jeffrey Lange, and this is my story... (9-8-2013)
*Tract: Trying to fullfill life's dreams left me yet unfullfilled   My name is Theresa Lange, and this is my story... (9-8-2013)

*Paper: Jeff Lange's Testimony of Salvation (1-26-2005)
*Paper: Theresa Lange's Testimony of Salvation (1-26-2005)

**Tract: THIS IS THE VICTORY ... (~2-26-1995)   JDL

*Paper: Country Fact Sheet: Thailand (1-26-2005)

*Audio: Deputation (11-30-2003)   JDL

*Paper: L.O.V.E.   Literature Outreach and Video Evangelism (1-26- 2005)

*Ministry Brochure: Mittam Foundation (~2004)   JDL & Pastor Srithone   [Friendship Foundation]

**Booklet?: Thailand   The Land of the Blind and Bound   30-Day Focused Prayer Guide (n.d.)   JDL
*Paper: Thailand.... the Land of the Free (1-26-2005)

*Audio: Why Do We Need to Send the Light (11-16-2003)   JDL

*File: What is Salvation (Thai) (n.d.)   JDL
*File: What is Salvation? (n.d.)   JDL   [English]

*File: The Legend of Suriyothai (Thai) (n.d.)   JDL
*File: The Legend of Suriyothai (n.d.)   JDL   [English]

*File: The Coffin and Tears (Thai) (n.d.)   JDL
*File: If You Do Not See The Coffin; Then You Will Not Shed A Tear. (n.d.)   JDL   [English]

*File: My Best Friend (Thai) (n.d.)   JDL
*File: The Very Best Friend (n.d.)   JDL   [English]

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