A stitch in time saves the mind . . .

He that winneth souls is wise (Prov. 11:30).
That's what the preacher taught Sunday morning.

     But on Monday, my childhood friend had a death in the family--bad timing.   So I waited for things to settle down.   They did.   And by then, he was having a birthday party.   I didn't think it was a good idea to tell him he was a lost sinner on his birthday.   So I waited again--for two whole weeks--because he had gone away on vacation.
"He that winneth souls is wise," I kept remembering . . .
     When my friends got back, the airport had lost his luggage with all his souvenirs and pictures--bad time to tell him he was going to Hell.   A week later, I blew it!   Marred my testimony, just a little, mind you, but enough to make me wait.   You understand, I didn't want to give Christ a bad name.   Two months healed my reputation, but by now he was showing interest in a cult.   I didn't want to give him the impression that I was just another cult competing for a member, so I waited for the right time.
     Well, time has gone by and I wish I could say I don't have to think about witnessing to him anymore.   That is . . . since he died unexpectedly.
     Yeah, I wish I didn't have to think about it anymore.

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