"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."   (Gen. 1:1)

I'M IN THIS PHYSICS CLASS and the teacher's going on about how energy can't be created or destroyed.   She says you can only change it from one form to another.   She tells me the gasoline in my wheels got its energy from petroleum, which got the energy from a bunch of dead dinosaurs, who got it when they ate some plants that got it from the sun.   By now I'm getting into this when she stops and starts talking about falling bodies, which in my neighborhood is a common sight.
I'm going whoa, why stop with the sun?
     So I raise my hand and ask, "Yo!   How the sun get its energy?"
     She stops, looks down her nose and says, "From the big bang, where else?"
     "Okay," I says, "then where did this big bang get it from?"
     By now, she figures I'm a troublemaker and tells me I'm disturbing the rest of the class.   I look around and half the class is asleep, anyway.
     So I says, "Look lady, you said all this energy can't be created, so how did it get here?   It had to start somewhere before everything went boom."
     "Don't be a wise guy," she says.   "No one was around before the big bang."
     "Oh!" I says.   "Then maybe God put all this energy here."
     Well, you'd think I just insulted her mother or something, cause she gives me this mean look and snaps her chalk in two.
     "What's-the-matter," she says, "you fall on your head too many times?   This is physics.   We don't believe in God!"
     "Hey, lady," I says, "maybe you don't believe in Him, but my Aunt Louise, God rest her soul, taught me that there's a God, and I bet He's the One that got the ball rolling with this energy thing you got going here."
     I sat back, figuring I had made Aunt Louise proud, when something snaps inside the teacher's brain.   She starts screaming, walking up the class, and pointing toward the door.
Hey, I know a hint when I see one, so I left.
     It's kinda funny how some people go whacko when you try to use God to explain something they can't answer any other way.   Go figure.

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