"And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind..." (Gen. 1:24)

THE OTHER DAY I'm watching this program on one of those stuffy channels.   You know, the ones with all those British shows.   Anyway, this guy comes out and starts talking about dinosaurs, and he's walking around this museum with all these bones and stuff, and he points to this rock-like thing that looks like it fell off a truck and should've been left behind, and says it's a fossil.   My dog dragged something like that home one time.   You think it was worth something?
     Anyway, he calls this fossil-thing, Anphy-x, Anphrexe,-- , some funny name.   I mean, why can't these guys use normal names like Fred or Chi-chi?   So, as he's giving all these fun facts about the thing, he says it proves that birds evolved from reptiles.   I'm going, whoa, no joke!   He goes on to explain how some starving reptiles tried to catch these flying insects by jumping up and down, and after a million years they grew wings, or something like that.   Anyway, I'm sitting there taking it in, thinking who would've figured, when this thought pops in my mind, and I'm wondering if maybe they never thought of this, which would be strange cause these guys study a lot, and spend a lot of time playing in the dirt with bones.
     Anyway, here's what occurs to me.   If reptiles had to turn into birds to survive, then how come we still got reptiles running around?   I hate them things.   Especially the ones with those flicking tongues, like in that movie where in the center of the earth they found lizards as big as Winnabagos.   I figure if these reptiles running around today can still survive, then why turn into a bird in the first place?   Aren't these things scared of heights, or what?
     And what about this Anpheox-thing?   How come we don't find any of these half-breed freaks running or flying round today?   I mean the way that guy talked, you'd think this world would be full of animals stuck half-way between one thing and another, scaring little kids half to death.   And for as long as these guys been out there digging up bones you'd think they would have found more than one lousy Anphox-thing.   The guy on the tube even admitted that some of his fellow bone-guys think that fossil doesn't prove a thing.   What gives?   Is it me?
     Maybe I'm thinking too much.   Maybe I should think more like that guy on the tube, after all . . . he went to school.

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