The snow was still falling, and all had turned white.
          The day was a long one, and now it was nite.
Right before Christmas, was due to arrive.
      He heard many cases, but still one survived.
'Bring in the last case, Let's get out of here!'
            When lo and behold, but who should appear.
He knew her from childhood, they went back a ways.
            And here was the law now, his daughter to pay.
The facts were presented, the judge clearly saw.
            No doubt about it, she'd broken the law.
Now she was facing, a fine or jail time.
            The judge knew his daughter, could not pay the fine.
What a dilemma! for all there to see.
            Two roles to play, which one would he be.
The role of a judge, there's justice to pay.
            The role of a father, his love to display.
The judge started thinking, he had to act fast
            And then it came to him, solution at last!
Down went the gavel, 'She's guilty as sin.'
            No one could say now, the judge wasn't in.
Then came the next thing, who would have guessed.
            He walked down beside her, to write out a check.
He said to his daughter, extending his hand.
            'You can't buy your freedom, but I surely can.'
This story would end here, with everyone glad.
            But as it turns out, it ended quite sad.
The payment he offered, would now be rejected.
            The daughter so prideful, she, would not accept it.
If you think it foolish, the gift she turned down.
            Remember the story, a truth to be found.
God up in Heaven, a judge to begin.
            Then came down to die - the payment for sin.
So when you consider, the daughter, her pride.
            Remember your own, there's no need to die.

"For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge
of the truth. For there is one God, and one mediator between God
and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all,
to be testified in due time."
  I TIMOTHY 2:3-6

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