Quechua Bible History: updated 6/13/2014

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Alt. = 'Runa-simi', 'Kichua'

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Bible / Bible
Quechua: Bolivia {Runa-simi}...
"1907 John   1915 John (revised)   ABS, New York
A revision of the de Turner 'Classical' (Cuzco) Quechua version,
prepared by George Allan, Antonio Salazar, and Moisés Orruel.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: Turner, a RC]

"1917 Gospels (tentative, with Spanish)
1922 New Testament
(with Spanish)   1929 Psalms
(with Spanish)   ABS, BFBS
Translated by George Allan, Crisologo Barron, Joseph Hollis,
Emiliano Tapia, and Margarita Allan Hudspith.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1926 Mark 1:2 incorrect]

Quechua: Cuzco {Classical}...
"1880 John BFBS, Buenos Aires
Translated by J. H. Gybbon-Spilsbury, South American MS."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

Quechua: Ecuador, Oriente {Lowland}...
"1946 Mark   Acts (tentative)   1950-1952 John (tentative)
Scripture Gift Mission, London
1950 1 John   1958 Ephesians   Philippians   1959 Galatians
Colossians   Philemon   1, 2 Peter   1960 Romans
1, 2 Thessalonians   1961-1962 Luke (2 vols.)
1962 Matthew   1963 Hebrews   1-3 John   Jude
1964 1, 2 Corinthians   Printed privately, Quito
Translated by W. G. Tidmarsh."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

Quechua: Huanuco...
"1917 Matthew Scripture Gift Mission, London
1923 Gospels [BFBS, ABS, London]
Translated by T. Webster Smith, Evangelical Union of South
America, assisted by Lazaro Chocano.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1923 Mark 1:2 o.k.]

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