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"Macassar, or Mengkasara, an important language of Sulawesi
(Celebes), the spider-shaped island to the northeast of the

Indonesian archipelago, is spoken in the extreme southwest of
the island.   The Macassar and Bugis make up more than a third of
the 7 million inhabitants of Sulawesi and the adjacent islands; the
rest of the population consists of numerous smaller tribal groups,
sometimes classified under the general name Alfuor, or Alfuros.
(See Mori, Kulawi, Pamona, Toradja, Bolaang Mongondo,
Tombulu, and Tontemboan.)   The two indigenous scripts of
Celebes, the Macassar and Buginese writing, are closely related.
They are considered to derive from the Kavi character and are
possibly directly descended from Batak writing."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"Bugis Character
1864 Matthew Netherlands BS, Macassar
1872 Genesis   1873 Mark   1874 Luke   John   1875 Acts
1888 New Testament   1890-1900 Old Testament (in parts)
NBS, Amsterdam
Translated by B. F. Matthew, Deputy of the NBS.   In 1890 a volume
of Bible Stories was published by the NBS.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: Bugis Character 1873 Mark 1:2 unknown.]

"Besides the publication of a complete Book of the Bible or more,
numerous translations of Selections or Bible Stories have been made in
languages of Sulawesi:

SIGI (central region)   N.T. Narratives, translated by E. Rosenlund,
NBS, 1938[.]

NAPU (northwest-central region)   N.T. Stories (1926) and O.T.
Stories (1929), translated by J. W. Wesseldijk, NBS, Amsterdam.

LAKI (southeastern region)   Selections, translated by a my. of
the Federated Dutch MS, Scripture Gift Mission, 1947.

BADA (central region)   Bible Stories, translated by Jan Woensdregt,
NBS, 1923.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

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