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Alt. = Latvija

Bible ( Bihbele )
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"Latvian, or Lettish, is spoken by about 2 million people, includ-
ing the Latgalians, in the Latvian Republic of the Soviet Union.
The Baltic-stock inhabitants of Lettland were evangelized in the
13th century by the Livonian Knights, who dominated the
region for more than 200 years.   Later the country fell in frag-
ments to Poland and Sweden, and in the late 18th century was

annexed by Russia.   In 1918 Latvia declared its independence, but
it was finally incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1940.
Latvian is a Baltic, or Balto-Slavic language, related to Lithuan-
and Latgalian, which is occasionally termed the Eastern, or
Upper, Latvian dialect."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

**File: Latvian Bible History (3)--1860   S. Bagster   [Info only]

       "First publication, Liturgical Epistles and Gospels in 1586-
    87.   Proverbs, Riga, 1637; tr. by Georgius Mancelius.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1637 Proverbs Riga
Translated by Georgius Mancelius.   Liturgical Selections from the
Gospels and Epistles were published as early as 1586-1587 in a
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

    Johann Georg Wilcken, Riga, 1689; tr. by Ernst Glück, aided by C. B.
    Witten, and revised by a commitee of ecclesiastics at Riga.
      Several times
    revised, notably the following: Bible, BFBS, Mitau, 1877; rev. by A.
    Bielenstein, with an advisory committee;
    Bible, Riga B.S., Mitau, 1898;
    BFBS, Leipzig, 1902, by R. Auning and others.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: ?]

"1689 Bible J. C. Wilcke, Riga
Translated by Ernst Glück and C. B. Witten, at the direction of
Johann Fischer.   Often reprinted and revised.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

LETTISH--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: Gothic characters   "1905" John 2:23-3:5, 12-20 {correct w/ "Jesus" @ 3:2a}.]

"1920 John Revival Press, Riga
Translated by William Fetler."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

LATVIAN--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: Gothic Character   "1929" Mark 1:2 correct (prawee{f}{ch}eem = the prophets).]

"1932 Gospels (1st in Roman character)   1937 New Testament
BFBS, Riga
Revised by a committee of Lutherans, including A. Maculano, J.
Ermanis, T. Grünberg, K. Kundzins, J. Endzelin, A. Mitulis, and J.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]
       "Gospels, BFBS, Riga,
    (the first edition in roman character); tr. by a committee of pastors,
    etc.; New Testament, 1937.   CP: BFBS.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

LETTISH--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: Roman characters   "1933" John 3:16 unknown.]

LATVIAN--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: REVISED TEXT   Roman Character   "1953" Mark 1:2 incorrect (pravietis Jesaja = prophet Isaiah).]

"1965 Bible BFBS, London
A new revision of the O.T., prepared by Felix Treu and E. Blese;
printed with the 1937 revised N.T.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

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