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the Bible ( the Bible )
"The BaGanda, the dominant tribe of Uganda, number about one
million, primarily in Buganda Province.   They comprise only
one seventh of the nation’s population.   Although English is the
official language, LuGanda is employed as lingua franca through-
out much of the country (where no less than 13 distinct tongues
are spoken by more than 100,000 each, besides a host of lesser
languages and dialects).   Ganda is closely related linguistically to
Kiga, Nyore, Nyoro, Teso, and Ruanda."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

       "Reduced to written form by Alexander M.
    Mackay about 1878.
      First publication, St.
    Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 1-13 in 1886 at
    the Mission Press, Natete, Uganda; tr. by Mr.
    Mackay and R. P. Ashe, of the CMS.   St.
    Matthew’s Gospel, 1887,
    (BFBS, 1888).
       New Testament, BFBS, 1893; tr. by G.
    L. Pilkington, aided by E. C. Gordon and a
    native, Henry Wright Duta.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1887 Matthew Church MS Press, Natete
1891 John Printed privately, Wareham

1892-1893 New Testament (in parts)   1893 Exodus   Joshua
1894 Genesis   Psalms   Daniel   BFBS, London
Translated by mies. of the CMS, including G. L. Pilkington,
A. M. Mackay, R. P. Ashe, and E. C. Gordon.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
AMM, a Scot Anglican.]

"1896 Bible BFBS, London
Translated by G. L. Pilkington and A. M. Crabtree, CMS.   Known as
the ‘Biscuit Tin Bible’, because its shape was, by accident, the size of
the tin boxes in which the BaGanda often protected their few books.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

"1899 Bible BFBS, London
Revised by a committee of BaGanda Christians, under the direction of
Jane E. Chadwick, CMS.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

GANDA or LUGANDA--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: "1925" John 3:16- 24 unknown.]

"1968 Bible (new orthography)   BS in East Africa
The 1899 text, with a new orthography by C. M. S. Kisosonkole."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

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