Tom Gaudet: updated 4/22/2016

My. Tom Gaudet
Metropolitan Baptist Church
6051 Azle Ave., Ft. Worth, TX 76135

SE Asia (2004)

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**Prayer Card: Tom Gaudet Family (~2003)

*Prayer Letter: APRIL 2012

*Paper: Considering the Effectiveness of Literature in Evangelism and Church Planting (10-17-1997)   TG   [Lecture]
   [*File: Scale (1996)   TG]
*Paper: SALVATION (10-17-1997)   TG   [Lecture]

**Lecture: Developing a strategy to reach a nation. (10-17-1997)   TG

**Paper: Facing the Facts (1995)   TG

*DVD: What do they do anyway? (~3-31-2006)   TG   [Short Term Missions & one My. Family]

*Newspaper: The Old Paths Companion (9-1997)   Ken Black & TG   [Old Paths Scripture Press   Old Paths Publishing House]

*File: Regional Languages / Literature (August 2004)

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