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*Print out: (V 40, N 7, July 2002)   *File: 02jultbc.pdf
The United States A Christian Nation   Phil Stringer
The Flag I Love
The United States' Constitution

*Print out: (V 40, N 6, June 2002)   *File: 02juntbc.pdf
Everlasting Oxidation   Charles H. Spurgeon
Jesus In the Bible
The Heritage of Freedom
One At A Time

*Print out: (V 40, N 5, May 2002)   *File: 02maytbc.pdf
One Reason Why I Am A Baptist   J. M. Pendleton, 1853
Goes From Religious To Racy
Readership Continues To Increase--
Is Billy Graham Off His Rock?   C. News
Why Is The Resurrection of Jesus Christ So Important?   Nick Michalinos   [Quiz The Pastor -- #9]
"My Faith Looks Up To Thee   Fran Essary   [Gospel Hymns We Love -- #1.   Ray Palmer.]
How Christianity Began.
And Your Occupation is ... Mother?
Carl McIntire Dies at 95
The Independence of the Local Church   Chester E. Tulga
Reconciliation And Sanctification   Godet
Seventh-day Adventism   MLM, Sr.
The Cooperative Program Unscriptural   I. W. Rogers   [SBC]
"Just Get Rid of That Spider"
The Arrowhead Speaks   Don N. Kitch
What Constitutes Baptist Loyalty?   Nile Fisher
Sweetest Music From Smallest Birds
World News Roundup   [Bakersfield To Put Its Trust In God.   "God Bless America"?--CC {Dave Hunt}   N.O.W. Asks Moore To Resign Over Lesbian Rulling.-- CC   China Eradicates Re- ligion It Can't Control.--CC   ABWE Missionary Seeks $35 Million From U.S.--CC   The UN Is Not Our Friend.--CC   No Socialists At This Summer Camp.   Religious Police In Saudi Arabia Cause Death of 14 Girls.   State Wants Court To Say Life Begins At Conception.--DMN   New Jersey Public School History Text- books Omits Pilgrims and Founding Fathers.   Turkish Christians Ordered To Close Places of Worship.   "Choose Life" Li- cense Plate Legal.   Christian Facing Death Sentence in Paki- stan.   British School Loses Battle Over Paddling.--SOTL   Sudan Bows To In- ternational Pressure.--FBNS   Half of Roman Catholic Priests May Be H_- _______ls.--C. News]
La Voz Del Desierto   [El Cristiano Y La Música   María T. Curet   Sexo-Drogas Y Rock'n Roll   Félix M. González Bulgalá   Sermones Largoes O Cortos]
What Do The Baptists Believe?   American Baptist Publication Society   [Chester E. Tulga]
Quote   C. H. Spurgeon
Infant Baptism Without Water   Watchman- Examiner
Quote   Abraham Lincoln

*Print out: (V 40, N 4, Apr. 2002)   *File: 02aprtbc.pdf
It Does Make A Difference   Norman H. Wells
Why Is The Resurrection of Jesus Christ So Important?   Nick Michalinos   [Quiz The Pastor -- #8]
Scientists Solve A Sea-Riddle
Jesus Christ, God's Passover Lamb Was Slain On the 14th Nisan As All Other Lambs Were Slain
Interpretation More Popular Than Application   Charles H. Spurgeon
How Many Monkeys?--C. News
Poem: It Got Up And Went
Dinks Have Double Incomes And No Kids   G. Russell Evans
Lord, Send Us Prophets   R. Nelson Colyar   [Isa. 54:7]
Is There A Personal Devil?   MLM, Sr.
World News Roundup   [British Study Links Single Parenthood, Social Problems.--CNS   Abortion Boat Denied Medical License.--CNS   Minnesota Pro-Lifers Aim To Topple Abortion.--CNS   H_______l Network Coming?--CC   Dr. Pepper Skips "Under God" On Patriotic Cans.- -CNS   Catholic Pedophile Priests Scandals.--CC   Teachers' Union To Seek To Protect H________ls.--AP {NEA}   Why Japan Did Not Invade Hawaii.--C. News   L_____n Gets Child Support When "One Mom" Leaves.--CNS {Delaware}   Connecticut To Decide on Same-Sex Marriage.   One-World Religion Gets Boost.--WWM   MTV: A Large Evil Network.--CC   Astrology More Popular Than Religion.--WWM   Groups Ask FCC To Probe Fox TV.--ABN   Researchers Awarded UK's First Embryo Experiment License.--CNS   New Zealand Hospital At Heart Of Organ- Removal Scandal.--CNS   H________l Adoption.--CC {AA of P}   Universalism.--CC   Catholic Church Agrees To Pay 86 Sex Plaintiffs.--DM News]
La Voz Del Desierto   [¿Qué Tiene De Malo El Baile?   ¿Debo Ser Un Ejemplo Para Mi Esposo Inconverso?   El Amor Hacia Los Hermanos   Hay Que Estar Contentos En El Templo]
Pro-Family Groups Worry About Effects of International Court
The Heresy of the Fatherhood of God   Roy Mason
The Doctrine of Uniformitarianism   Philip Marquart
Hiscox on The Ordination of Deacons

*Print out: (V 40, N 3, Mar. 2002)   *File: 02martbc.pdf
The Ten Virgins -- A Very Much Perverted Scripture   Austin Fields
Real Beauty and Strength   Donald Wildmon
The Curse of Spiritualism   Roy Mason
Vital Facts From The Bible
Did The Shroud of Turin Cover Jesus Christ?   Nick Michalinos   [Quiz The Pastor-- #7]
Isl_m Course Angers Parents   Ellen Sorokin, W. Times   [California]
The Scriptures, and The First Baptist Church of Jerusalem   W. Lee Rector
When Christ Rose From the Grave   Hershel Lee
Convention Baptists And Roman Catholics Are Now Brethren   [ABC]
A Good Question
Preaching Can Be Better   Daniel Heitmeyer
Defending The Faith   [Jude]
Goes From Religious To Racy
Invisible Church?
Baptists Do Not Accept The Sacramental Character of Baptism and the Lord's Supper   [Thomas Armitage]
World News Roundup [Evolution Series Challenged by 100 Scientists.--BP   Texas Governor Defends Prayer In School.--DMS   Number of Americans With No Formal Religion Increasing.   Hong Kong Man Jailed For Smuggling Bibles To China.   Wiccan Appointment as Prison Chaplain "Morally Dangerous"--L.A. Times   Court Upholds H________l Law.--BP {Vermont}   More British Couples Choosing To Marry.--CNS   Abortion Amendments To Be Considered.--ST {Minnesota}   Bush Administration Classifies Fetus as "Unborn Child."   Prison Chaplain Is A witch.--CC {Wisconsin}   EU's Arresting Power.--CC   Vatican To Keep Pedophilla Trials Behind Closed Doors.--CC   Persecution Severe In Vietnam.--CC   Truth: the Important Things.--CC   Christian Persecution In China.--ABN   Communist View of Christianity--Gus Hall, 1961   Number of Israeli Christians Still Small, But Growing--RNS]
La Voz Del Desierto   ¨Qu‚ Hay Detr s de Harry Potter?
It Isn't The Church -- It's YOU!
The Baptists' Standard   George W. Truett
A Surgeon's Argument As To Prayer

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