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My. Ed Fort
Mission Independent Baptist Church, 2607 W. Leland Av ( 4700N & 2600W ), Chicago, IL 60625 . USA
( 773 ) 267-9132

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**Prayer Card: Ed Fort Family (n.d.)

Letter: The Fort Family (Sep. / Oct. 2011)

CD: "Building Character in Families" (7-2-2008)   EF, GFFC   [mrp]

*Paper: OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE DRAGON (n.d.)   Sokvary Fort

CD: "Preparing Teens for Adulthood" (7-5-2007)   EF, GFFC   [mrp]

*Tract: Why John the Baptist Must be in the New Testament ??? (n.d.)   EF

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