Bethel Baptist Church: 1/25/2020

Pastor Kent Brandenburg
4905 Appian Way
El Sobrante, CA 94803 . USA

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Book: Fashion Statement, A Biblical Theology of Appearance or Dress (n.d.)   Kent Brandenburg

*Book: A PURE CHURCH   A Biblical Theology of Ecclesiastical Separation (2012)   Kent Brandenburg, Editor   Pillar & Ground Publishing
[Authors: Mike Custer, Dave Mallinak, Erich McCandless, Bobby Mitchell, Thomas Smith, David Sutton, Gary Webb.   ISBN # 978-0-9743817-2-5]

Book: Sound Music or Sounding Brass, The Issue of Biblically Godly Music (n.d.)   Kent Brandenburg

Book: Thou Shalt Keep Them, A Biblical Theology of the Perfect Preservation of Scripture (n.d.)   Kent Brandenburg, Editor.
[Preface by Gary Webb.   Contributing authors: Kent Brandenburg, Thomas Corkish, Gary La More, Charles Nichols, Thomas M. Strouse, David Sutton, Gary Webb.   Pb - ISBN: 0-9743817-0-5 - C$15.00]

CD: "Can God be Trusted?" (7-2-2007)   KB, GFFC   [Info: mrp.]

CD: "God's Plan for Obtaining a Life Partner" (7- 4-2007)   KB, GFFC   [Info: mrp.]

CD: "God's Response to our Non-Participation" (7- 5-2007)   KB, GFFC   [Info: mrp.]

CD: "Trusting God to Make the Right Decisions" (7-3-2007)   KB, GFFC   [Info: mrp.]

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