Daniel Bomberg: 11/1/2019

Daniel Bomberg

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*File: Hebrew Chayyim O.T. (n.d.)   ARC, Web   [Scan.]

Booklet/*File: "FOUR REASONS for DEFENDING THE KING JAMES BIBLE" (7-21-1993)   Pastor Donald A. Waite   [brief summary]   [ DKJB ]
["The true text of Ben Chayyim on which our KING JAMES BIBLE is based is also available. It is called the Daniel Bomberg edition or the Second Great Rabbinic Bible (1524-25). We carry this Hebrew Bible in the BIBLE FOR TODAY ministry. It is the Letteris text, printed in 1866. It has the Masoretic Hebrew text in the center and the KING JAMES BIBLE in the margins. This Ben Chayyim Masoretic Hebrew text was the unquestioned Hebrew text for the next 400 years."]
["The Ben Chayyim Hebrew Old Testament Text Is Available Today. I hope that the American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society keep printing and circulating this Letteris Hebrew text. That's what they call it, the Letteris text of 1866."]

**Book: INTRODUCTORY Guide to the Old Testament (1951)   Merrill F. Unger (generally o.k. if KJV)
[p. 141: 4. The Standard Printed Edition of the Massoretic Text.
... of Jacob Ben Chayyim published at Venice
1525-1526 in four volumes.   This venture was sponsored by
D. Bomberg, who had previously sponsored his first Rabbinical
Bible in 1516-1517. ...   It was also used by C. D. Ginsburg (1894 and 1926).
... It is the basis of the manual
edition of J. Buxdorf (Basel, 1611) and, finally, of A. Hahn
(1832, 1833, and 1868) and M. Letteris (Vienna, 1852),
which was reprinted in 1866 by the Britsh and Foreign
Bible Society.
... ]

*File: A Brief History of the Hebrew Bible Deb. E. And. (n.d.)   TBS
["It was published and reprinted more or less as it stood in numerous well-known editions, including such editions as Plantin 1566, Hutter 1587, Buxtorf 1619, Athias 1611, Leusden 1667, van der Hooght 1705, Kennicott 1780, Letteris 1852 and our own Ginsburg 1894/1998,"]

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