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Stanley E. Anderson
(o.k. if KJV)
Chicago, Illinois

C. H. M. disclaimer . *=Library, **=Online

*File: PDF Index July 1994 - December 2004

*Book: ARMSTRONGISM'S 300 ERRORS EXPOSED / BY 1300 BIBLE VERSES (1973)   SEA   [Info only: some Bible ‘correcting’.]

**Book: Baptists Unshackled (1971)   SEA   [Info only: some Bible ‘correcting’.]

**Tract: BAPTIZED (IMMERSED) into ONE BODY (n.d.)   SEA   [Info only]

**Book: The Case For Independent Baptist Churches (1978)   Pastor M. L. Moser, Jr., CP
[Why The Name "Baptist"?   SEA]
*File: The Case For Independent Baptist Churches (n.d.)   Pastor M. L. Moser, Jr.

**Book: THE FIRST BAPTIST (1962, 1972)   SEA, CP   [Spanish too.]
*File: THE FIRST BAPTIST (1999 - 2002)   SEA

**Book: THE FIRST CHURCH (1964, 1972, 1983)   SEA, CP


**Book: Four Front Doors To New Testament Churches (1976)   SEA, CP   [Info only: NSRB.]

[Info only: pp. 71, 137, 141, 143, 155, 164: Weak on Bible preservation.]

**Book: REAL CHURCHES or A FOG (1975)   SEA, BP
[Info only: some Bible ‘correcting’.   My copy is missing pp. 65-96.]

**Book: YOUR BAPTISM IS IMPORTANT (1960, 1972)   SEA, BP   [Info only: ASV.]
Your Baptism Is Important   [Korean]
Your Baptism Is Important   [Spanish]

Biblical Baptist Beliefs (n.d.)

Every Pastor A Counselor (n.d.)
Every Pastor A Counselor   [Portuguese]

Is Rome the True Church? (n.d.)

*Tract: The Meaning And Use Of Ekklesia In The First Christian Century (n.d.)   SEA, CP

Nehemiah for Us Now (n.d.)

Nehemiah the Executive (n.d.)

Open Windows for Catholics (1974)   SEA, CP

Our Dependable Bible (n.d.)

Scofieldism Upgraded (1973)

Shepherds to 24,000,000 Service Men (n.d.)

The Work of Jesus and Paul (n.d.)

[Christian Helps Ministry (USA)] [Christian Home Bible Course]