"Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mark 8:37)

A Day in the Life of I. M. Prudent III

8:00 AM.   The plumber tells Mr. Prudent . . .
   "Hey Mac, I got bad news.   That pipe is all rusted.   Trust me, you need a new one.
It'll cost you a hundred bucks."

   "Trust you?   Like the dickens I will!   Sir, you are grossly mistaken if you believe for one second that I will simply accept your assessment of the matter without obtaining a second opinion.   I pride myself on being cautious, and I strongly advise you do the same.   This is an evil world, full of treachery and deceit.   NO SIR!   You will not have permission to repair my plumbing until I have had ample opportunity to verify that your assessment is correct, not to mention your motives.   GOOD DAY!"

10:00 AM.   Mr. Prudent takes his car to the mechanic . . .
   "Mister, take my word for it, right now you're misfiring on one cylinder.   Leave your car here for a day, and we'll have her all fixed up for $200.00."
   "I beg your pardon?   Take your word for it?   Sir, you must assume me to have been in my mother's womb the day before yesterday.   I assure you that I will not simply "leave my car" without securing a second opinion.   Why, I don't know you from Adam.   Why should I simply take your word for it?   It never ceases to amaze me how many people can simply trust their precious belongings in the hands of others.
But, not I, Sir.   Do you hear me?   Not I!   For I know the wickedness of this world.   I know how cunning it can be, and how opportunistic it is, preying upon the naive."

   "Ah . . . does this mean you're not leaving your car here?"
   "It most certainly does!   GOOD DAY, SIR!"

2:30 PM.   Mr. Prudent has a dental appointment . . .
   "Your tooth is in bad shape.   You need a crown.   You're looking at about $500.00.   Do you want me to start prepping it now?"
   "Prep it now?   Right now?   And hastily trust one interpretation with so much at stake?   Sir, YOU JEST!   In spite of our prolonged friendship, I still must insist upon a second opinion.   Familiarity is no exception!   Need I remind you that it is familiarity that breeds contempt?   Have you forgotten the betrayal that befell Caesar on the Ives of March?   No Sir.   You may have forgotten, but I, for one, have not.   And as I stand here, I assure you that I will always stand ready, never letting my guard down for one minute.   Not one minute, Sir!   And much less when it comes to personal health, to which the only thing more valuable is a man's soul.   GOOD DAY!"

5:15 PM.   Mr. Prudent has a conversation with his minister . . .
   "As your minister, you can trust me!   Just keep up the good deeds and you might have a fairly halfway decent chance of maybe avoiding hell when you die."
   "Very well!   Thank you, and a good day to you, Sir."

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