A mote in the gunner's eye is as bad as a spike in the gun barrel . . .

WHY DOESN'T OUR CHURCH have a revival?
I'll tell you why!   Some church members just don't want to get right with God.   Like this one member we have who's gossipy, always quick to point out the sins of others, always complaining about them, and not minding her own business.
     Then there's this other member--blame shifts a lot, always looking for a scapegoat.   Will even name names while never assuming personal responsibility.
If Ted would spend as much time examining his own life instead of scrutinizing others, we might very well have a revival.   Sometimes it only takes one person to hold it back.   You know what I mean?
     Just one person carrying on and on and on about others and there's no revival!   But people don't see this!   Instead, they act like Martha Renshawn--there's a winner!   Comes to church with all smiles, "Oh, how I love our pastor," she says, all syrupy.   Then turns right around and roasts him for dinner, and in front of her kids.   Can you believe it?
     Hey, I know our pastor's not perfect.   I mean, he's done some pretty lame-brain things that sometimes makes you wonder if he's really "called."   But still, don't slam the guy, especially in front of the kids!
     And these same people wonder why we don't have revival.   What, are they blind?   Haven't they read Matthew Seven, where Jesus says, "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"
     Some people will rant and rave about a mote, while they got this big beam sticking out of one eye.
Someone should push a mirror in front of their face.
     I'd do it myself . . . but who am I to judge others?
. . . Right?

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