"Because the carnal mind is enmity against God..." (Rom. 8:7)

HAD WE FULLY KNOWN what we were exposing, perhaps we wouldn't have gone further.   I guess now the truth is out, mankind can no longer hide.   Consequently, our small group of brilliant scientists are hated and ostracized by many.   Yet, I offer no apologies for what we did.   It was the pursuit of pure science; the settling of an age old question - Is man basically good or evil?
     To find the answer we felt we had to unwrap several layers of self-perception and get to the core of man's inner being.   Our serum showed much promise in stripping away a person's inhibitions-- what some people might call a facade, a front, the faces that a person puts on to hide the true inner self.   We felt that if we tunneled deep enough into a person's psyche, we would find either a foundation of good or evil.   We found and heard the unexpected.
     The serum is applied in stages, each stage brakes down another layer of pretense, moving ever closer to an absolutely uninhibited state.   At that point, the person lets it all hang out, to use a common expression.   Malchom, our ginea-pig, if you will, responded quite well to the injections, that is, until we got to what we assumed was the inner core, Malchom's true inner self, unrestricted, totally unrestrained.
     What we encountered at the core of his being, startled us; our ears were totally shocked.   Sugsequent experiments on fourteen other people of diverse backgrounds and culture, resulted in the same outcome.
     For at the core of every person who participated in the experiment, we found a vile and angry creature, defiantly cursing God without ceasing.

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