Twenty-One Reasons Why We Know
The Bible is a Supernatural Book

These are great days.
Science has done wonders.
   It now witnesses to the supremacy of the Book of Books.
Destructive critics stand baffled in the presence of uncontroversial facts.
   The Bible has come out of the age of doubt and criticism greater than ever.
Science, that the critics claimed pushed the Bible off its pedestal, now becomes a mighty witness to its majesty and Supernatural Authorship.
The hour of Divine Truth has struck.
Away with doubt and fear!
Clasp the dear old Book anew to your heart!
FULL STEAM AHEAD in reading and mastering and feeding upon

The World's Greatest Book--
the Blessed BIBLE!

   When I was a school boy of 10 years or so in Charleroi, Pa., and I heard the teacher read the Bible, I would wish that someone would give me proof that the Bible was true. The golden rule Jesus gave, and it is wonderful, is "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." That is why I am having this leaflet reprinted. I was forty years old before I ever saw such good proof in so few words.


IT Is Astronomically Correct

   We now have telescopes through which we can read ordinary print 25 miles distant. Such powerful glasses knock holes in the false systems of the past.
   During the centuries the Bible was being written many works on astronomy were also being written. Great havoc has been made with all ancient systems by the telescope and spectroscope. Not so with the BIBLE. It is astronomically correct.

   Anaximenes taught that the world was the shape of a table, Leucippus a drum, Pindar, that it stood on pillars; others on the head of Atlas; others that it stood on the back of a huge elephant and when it moved there was an earthquake.
   Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras argued that the earth was a living being. The volcanos were the earth vomiting.
   The telescope, spectroscope and navigation have torn to shreds all these teachings. But five thousand years before Columbus the Bible declared.
   "He...hangeth the earth upon nothing."
   "he...sitteth upon the circle of the earth[.]" "Behold the circuits of the earth." All this plainly teaching the rotundity and globularity of the earth.
   The Stoics taught that the moon was larger than the earth.
The Shastas, to this day, claim that the moon is many times larger than the earth and fifteen thousand leagues further from the earth than is the sun. Heraclitus, Parmenides, in fact all the ancients insisted that the moon was much larger than the earth or sun and shone by its own light.
   We know that the moon is smaller than either the earth or sun and shines by a borrowed light.
   Listen to God's Book.
   "And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night[.]" And as to the light of the moon, it says, "Behold even to the moon, and it shineth not[.]"
   The Ancients taught that there were at most a thousand stars.
   How comes it that when all other ancients were saying a thousand stars Moses wrote "Like the stars without number."
   It is unthinkable that as late as 175 years ago the Ptolmaic system of astronomy was taught in Yale College. This theory held that the earth was the center of our solar system. The astronomers now teach the Copernican theory--that the sun is the center of our solar system. The Bible is in harmony with the Copernican system. It was there when the scientists arrived. Why? Because it is God's Book.
   The Bible is full of astronomical statements that until yesterday caused the laughter of skeptics. Job speaks of the empty place in the north.
   The skeptics have had many a laugh over that. What are the facts?
   In every direction the telescope is turned we see innumerable stars, but to the North--the empty space.
   No wonder that great astronomer exclaims "The telescope but tells the story God has written in His Book."

The Bible Is Geologically Correct

   In the First Chapter of Genesis we have the story of creation, which Yale's great geologist says, "is in perfect harmony with geology," and of which Harvard's great geologist says "The order of creation as given in Genesis is faultless." Princeton's great geologist says, "The more the leaves of the book of the earth are turned, the more they show the Old Book, the Bible, is true."

The Bible Is Psychologically Correct

   Many of the ancients located the intellect in the blood, the abdomen, the chest, the stomach. The Bible writers lived in just such crude times, yet they are free from those errors.
Not only are they free from errors of their day but their psychological statements in references to the mind, its powers and functions, the memory, the imagination, the conscience, the soul, are in harmony with the present day well known facts of established [Biblical] psychology.

The Bible Is Historically Correct

   Ancient histories more than a generation old we find full of misstatements. Not so the Bible. But a few years back the story of Joseph and the seven years of famine was pronounced by profane historians as a myth. The idea of the Nile not overflowing for seven years was unthinkable by them.
   Recently the spade has revealed tablets and monuments upon which we find the story recorded to the last and least detail.
   Five thousand places spoken of in the Bible have been definitely located by geographers and explorers. Perfect marvelous confirmations have been worked out.
   The deeper the archeological spade goes down the higher the Bible chronology and history go up.

The Bible Is Medicinally Correct

   Three hundred and eight years ago Harvey discovered the circulation of the blood. Solomon told about that 2,616 years before Harvey's time. He tells us all about the streams that pour forth from the heart through the circulatory system, making the circuit every three minutes.
   We are coming to a drugless age. Medical science now announces three essentials to health. "Freedom from anxiety," "Temperance" and "Occupation." Long ago the Bible said all of that. "[T]ake no [anxious] thought," "temperate in all things" and "diligent in his business[.]"

   Medical science is more and more insisting that the physical and mental man demand one day in seven for rest. The Bible put that in the Ten Commandments.
   Two hundred years ago leprosy was all but general in England.
Isolation was finally resorted to, to stamp it out. Moses did that 4,000 years before the English doctors were born.
   The germ theory might be a recent discovery had not the Bible disclosed it. Moses devotes several pages to it, and modern science has added little.

The Bible Is Botanically, Zoologically, and
Meteorologically Correct

   More than 250 plants, flowers and shrubs are mentioned and described in the Old Testament alone. Botanists, themselves being judges, claim that the Bible is flawless botanically.
   Men of no mean gifts like Empedocles, Plutarch, Plato and Aristotle were among the early ancient botanists. Their works today are but curios of botanical errors.
   For centuries botanists classified plants by the Linnean system--by flowers. Long ago that system was discarded. All now classify by seeds.
   In other words we have advanced as far as Moses who does that in the First and Second Chapters of Genesis. It took us four thousand years to advance that far.
   The English poet sings of the vulture scenting the carrion afar.
Scientists held this view for centuries. The Bible states that the vulture discovers its prey by sight not by scent. Scoffers laughed at this so called error. Now we know that the eye of the vulture is a powerful telescope. Animals are found to be correctly and scientifically described in the Bible.
   Mysteries of evaporation, rain, water currents have but recently been solved.
   Thousands of years ago Solomon told us that "All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again."
   Any up to date physical geography tells us how the currents of the air flow from the equator to the poles and back, one current above the other, and how they whirl around a mass of air at the poles, never resting.
   Wise men 3,000 years ago told us this, "The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits." And again, "He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds[,]" "he draweth up the drops of water; rain is condensed vapor." That tells us all we know about evaporation to this day. One would

think this wonderful Book might have been made yesterday at the signal station in Washington.

The Bible Is Prophetically Correct

   One hundred and fifty years before Cyrus was born the Bible stated that he would be born and where, and that he would become a ruler of a people not his own, and that he would free from bondage the Children of Israel. It all happened as prophesied.
   In the golden age of Nineveh the Prophet announced that Nineveh would become a "gazing stock." It was destroyed, buried, for centuries was unknown, but is now unearthed and is to be seen in museums literally "a gazing stock." The same thing happened to Tyre.
   When Israel was passing out of the wilderness, Moses told them that they would return, not as they had gone out but by ships: that they would be sold as bond men and women and that no man would buy them.
   Titus, 79 A.D., 1530 years afterward destroyed Jerusalem, crucified tens of thousands and put 100,000 in boats, took them to Alexandria where they were sold as slaves. The market was so glutted that no man would buy. The prophecy fulfilled to the letter.
   Five hundred prophecies of like sort have been literally fulfilled.
   One hundred and ninety-eight direct, definite prophecies are found in the Old Testament concerning the coming of Jesus--the World's Redeemer. There are three hundred and thirty-three indirect prophecies concerning the same. There are eight times as many prophecies concerning the second coming of Jesus, to complete the Redemptive program.

Supremacy not only in accuracy, but in its
universality of fitness of time, ages or
conditions of people

   The Bible is not only correct as to the former interesting matters but equally so in law, civilization, art, architecture, music, poetry and in practically every realm but it fits every age of history.
Books are constantly passing into discard because they are out of date. Not so the Supernatural Book. Historically, scientifically and prophetically correct, make it a book for all time.
   Its majesty of style combined with simplicity of statement makes it a book for the philosopher and yet for the humblest believer. Its simplicity is equal to its sublimity.

Its Sublime Unity

   Although written by some forty different writers, over a period of some one thousand years and under the greatest conceivable differences of conditions and educational equipment, yet the Book stands, a Unit in teaching and spirit. It contains prose, poetry, theology, history, travel, story; and written by kings and peasants, yet it is one message. It would be as easy to have forty men, living utterly independent of each other having no common pattern, hew out stones of different shapes and sizes that when brought together would fit perfectly into each other and form a palace of beauty, symmetry and definite design. Yet that is just what has happened in the making of the Bible. What clearer proof of a Divine hand could there be?

Excellence of Spirit and Atmosphere

   Wherever it goes, civilization, great thinking and fine living follows. Its doctrines, precepts, promises and lofty moral tone are the world's greatest up-lift.
   The supremacy of the Bible as the inspiration of art, music, letters, civilization, education and the home is recognized. Could this be true if the Bible were but the invention of designing men?

The Spiritual Power of the Bible

   The soul cries out for truth. The Word meets the spiritual needs of the human heart. It points out the path of salvation to the sinner, gives strength and encouragement to the struggler and comfort to the mourner. It is bread to hungry souls. No book exists that meets human needs like the Bible. Proof sufficient that the Bible is Divine.
   How logical is the place the Bible occupies! Naturally the Father would speak to His children and the Bible is just such a book as we would naturally expect from A Heavenly Father. There is no disappointment in it anywhere, and best of all it answers, so marvelously, all our questions.

The Writers Claim It as God's Book

   The writers themselves state two thousand times: Thus saith the Lord. Explain the moral tone of the Book if these men were liars.

Jesus Recognition of the Scriptures

   Jesus quotes twenty-two out of the thirty-nine Old Testament Books. Jesus corroborates every book attacked by modern editors.

Perfect Blending of the Old and New Testaments

   There are eight hundred and fifty quotations in the New Testament, all perfectly blending.

The Chart of the Sea of Life

   Providential guidance. It gives most marvelous records of God's hand, guiding and directing men and nations. As of old so now men are experiencing that same providential guidance under the inspiration of the Bible.

Promises True in Answered Prayer

   The promises of the Bible form the basis of answers to prayer.
The Bible is the great inspirer and guide in the prayer life. It points the way to direct relations with God. Man's soul thus finds what he craves, a place in the heart of God.

It Answers the Inquiry of the Soul for Immortality

   Its promises make downy pillows for the dying. It assures of life eternal in a way that gives supreme soul rest. The Book must be divine.

Proven the Majesty of Man

   It assures us that destiny is comradeship with God. It holds out a future as big as the universe is boundless and as great as the dreams and hungering of an awakened soul demand.

It Is the Book of Rest for Troubled and Perplexed

   The Bible--The Book of Rest. It and it alone has a message that satisfies the human heart. It sweetens the home and feeds a mother's heart. It inspires youth and sustains the martyr in his sacrifice.

It Is Unquestionably the Greatest Book Ever Written

   Most popular, most hated, most attacked. It has been subjected to the most severe criticisms and examination. Every statement, clause and precept has been tested to the limit. Through all it stands stronger every day.

The Greatest Men of History Have Recognized
the Bible as Supreme Authority

   "I have always said, and always will say that the studious perusal of the sacred volume will make us better citizens, better fathers, and better husbands."--Thomas Jefferson.

   "What a Book! Vast and wide as the world, rooted in the abysses of creation, and towering up behind the blue secrets of heaven. Sunrise and sunset, promise and fulfillment, birth and death, the whole drama on humanity all in this Book."--Heinrich Heine.

   "If I am asked what is the remedy for the deeper sorrows of the human heart, I must point to something which in the well-known hymn is called ‘the old, old story,’ told of an old, old Book and taught with the old, old teaching which is the greatest and best guide ever given to mankind."--William E. Gladstone.

   Now since you have the reasons "Why we know the Bible is a supernatural Book." Let me tell you how it was written.
   In St. Peter's Second Letter, Chapter One, Verse Twenty-one, he says holy men of old were moved by the Holy Spirit to write Scriptures. To illustrate, or show how this was done, I get a small child 3 or 4 years of age to hold a piece of chalk, while I move its hand, causing the child to write the word, Metamorphosis; which means a complete change; like from a caterpillar to a butterfly; or tadpole to green frog. The child could not write cat or rat of itself, but when I moved its hand, it could write the big word many big people could not write. Just so it was when God's Spirit moved men to write the Bible. That is why Nahum in Chapter 2, Verse 4, could write about the automobile over 2,000 years ago. That's why Moses, 1,700 years before Christ, could tell the people not to bow to any image in heaven, on earth, or in water under the earth, thus showing, in an indirect way, that the world was round, though men only found it out in 1492 A.D. That's why the prophets could tell what would happen to Jesus on the day of crucifixion.
   Prophecy is history written before it happens. Twenty-five prophecies were fulfilled in 24 hours on the day of the crucifixion.
Let us thank God for His Word, the Bible, the Book that has made this nation the greatest in the world.

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