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the Bible ( the Bible )
"The Shona language, also known as Zezuru, is spoken in
Mashonaland, central Rhodesia.   The number of MaShona (as
the people call themselves) is estimated at 600,000.   Numerous
‘dialects’ are distinguished, which are here regarded as separate
languages: Zezuru, or Shona Proper, Manyika, Karanga,
Kalaña, KoreKore, and Ndau.   There are also regional sub-
dialectal tongues.   The ‘Union Shona’ version was prepared in a
usage which would accommodate all these Shona-stock lan-
guages except Kalaña, which was considered to be a variant."
-- 1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

       "First publication, St. Mark’s Gospel in 1898 by the
    BFBS; tr. by John White, of the Wesleyan Methodist My. Society.

    St. Matthew’s Gospel, 1901; St. John’s Gospel, 1903.   New Testa-
    ment, 1907; tr. by Mr. White with native assistance.   Genesis, 1906;
    tr. by A. Walton: 1 and 2 Samuel, 1907; tr. by E. W. Lloyd of the
    SPG.   The Psalms, 1914; tr. by Mr. Walton; Isaiah, 1922; tr. by
    Mr. White.   St. John’s Gospel, 1929; revised by Mr. White and two
    natives.   CP: BFBS.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

SHONA--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: "1929" John 3:5-16 unknown.]

"1898 Mark   1901 Matthew   1903 John   1906 Genesis
1907 New Testament   BFBS, London
Translated by John White, Wesleyan MS."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
"1898" (Recomposed) Mark 1:2 correct (baprofita = prophets).]

"1907 1, 2 Samuel BFBS, London
Translated by E. W. Lloyd, Society for the Propagation of the
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1929 John BFBS, London
Translated by John White, assisted by Kasin Gazi and Esau Nema-
para.   After 1929 Protestant publications appeared in the Union Shona
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

(Chi)Shona: Manyika...
"Manyika Shona, known derogatorily as ‘Swina’, is spoken
around Umtali, in Rhodesia, and in adjacent Mozambique.   It is
a Bantu tongue of the Shona dialect complex.   The Manyika now
use Union Shona Scriptures."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

    publication, Scripture selections in a prayer book in 1898 by the SPCK;
    tr. by D. R. Pelly of the SPG.   St. Mark’s Gospel, 1903; tr. by E. H.
    Etheridge, the Gospels and Acts, 1905.   New Testament, 1908;
    latest reprint, 1937.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

SHONA: Swina dialect or Chimanyika--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: "1908" John 3:14-25b unknown.]

"1903 Mark   1905 Gospels   Acts   1908 New Testament
Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, London
Translated by E. H. Etheridge, Society for the Propagation of the
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1914 Psalms BFBS, London
Translated by Avon Walton, Wesleyan Methodist MS."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1922 Isaiah BFBS, London
Translated by John White, Wesleyan MS."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: "1933" Mark 1:2 correct (waprofeti = prophets).]

(Chi)Shona: Union...
"ChiShona Union translations of the Scriptures accommodate
speakers of the Zezuru, Manyika, and Karanga Shona dialects.
Kalaña was considered too variant for this usage.   These lan-
guages may be spoken by 1.5 million people in all, or one third
of the population of Rhodesia."
- -1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1938 Judges   Ruth   John   1941 New Testament
1946 Genesis   Exodus   1947 Psalms   1949 Bible
BFBS, London
Translated by A. A. Louw, Dutch Reformed Church Mission."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: "1955" Mark 1:2 incorrect (mumuprofita Isaya = prophet Isaiah).]

"1958 Matthew   1960 John   1963 New Testament
BFBS, London
Revised into a new authorized orthography by a committee, including
S. K. Jackson and G. H. Bimbah.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

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