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No endorsement of M. Luther's soteriology.

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Romany: Germany, North...
"The Romany of North Germany is spoken by gypsy traders of
northeastern Germany, most of whom are now in the northern
areas of the German Democratic Republic."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1930 John BFBS, Berlin
Translated by Frieda Zeller, Berlin City Mission."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: "1930" John 2:1-4 unknown.]

Romany: Germany, South...
"The Romany of South Germany is spoken by gypsies of the
southern regions of East and West Germany.   Many of these
gypsies are musicians."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1912 Mark BFBS, Berlin
Translated by Engelbert Wittich, with the assistance of Reinhold
Urban and others.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: "1912" Mark 1:2 incorrect (profeteske Jzajas = prophet Isaiah).]

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