we cannot go back no priest but Chrsit throne of grace no bu calvaty no auth by t we are the sons John the a. Steven A.D. 33 James the A.D. 45 Philip A.D 54 James A.D. 63 Barnavaf A.D. 64 Peter A.D. 69 Paul A.D. 69 Andrew A.D. 70 Matthias A.D. 70 Barht A.D. 70 flay am Thomas 70 A.D. Matthew stohend sowrd A.D. Luke A.D. 93 John the Apostle truly is is toue heritage child the mytrys the eorld doent' foll.d for Chrsit sake one day God king and priset rule with him hertiagre go back hand of a mytry tydale first the taaslatm Bible Miles Covderdsarel 1535 neverdied 3 time fleled for his life 3time word of God jesus Chsit Matthews Bible john Rodger burned at the staked The Great the chian bbiel extreen a p 6 oucnes a page gold or silver the weay of salvstion the cain the king a reader crowd gather a night no singing no preaching read all night thre of four hours read on the eowrd of God hearing fires of nothing could stop they would died in the Lrod Jesus Christ burning Matthes Bible governement edict on the table hid those bible passed from generation to genreation closed burned revolution in the kingdom penatly of tead tears atencadnc would be fold seh orderd the darkeness selteld but thery was a yojng man too much 18 yeard Willaim hunrter he thought they were all buened the Great Biuble death by burning thist after rightoeus no preacher spoke too much only read the Bible again looke arounf carefuly begagn too read arested and brought in to court soon as I paked a car Chrsitn Willaim Hunter burned memorial suffred and died palce and the ancient chruch ancheru church ruins are there stood read arrested burn at the staked historin on jail a village 19 year old Swann Inn under guarf mother weeping judge receant your faith in Jesus deny Chrtist bout Chrust flames matry crwon rulate and rain with Juesu for vere prou soin thoug art. Next br slow bur9kng bare feet and legs crown his own fahte father don't weep for hold fast for Chrsti brothe sufering and soorrow historin heaven word collud over cast day hist brillaitnt silight fell on the stake steven of aold God;s clallign meet his king we are the children of the world your soing id swloo woudl to perished in the fathin therefoer we cannot turn we pronikes land Hily scurppt the of God wlake int the fooostep of Jesus song good deeds perished in the fla,e sons netc Geneva Bible suwit 1560 puritjan flaed the Geeva killed int the Cirhth Calvin a free city no forefurnn freddon of relgiiph and speche gened translated the Engilsh Bible popular 100 years falmous people British Geneva Bible John Bunyan spent Bedford liscenc to preach king wants to hear eathey; call He refused 13 years outside blinf dauthert not enough to eat rat infeste 16 hours baskets food and read the genea insperied in hius Pil;mgrimn's Prgross Mayflower to the new wolr Genefa King James came later Gene 1612 1562 there from France King pHIlip St. Austuat Forst Caltonm 350 men, women gracve yard tho this day. French the Romn chruch fort forst sna named Baptist church Hugenpt 350 mean, women and Spanish familiues even today theriver beheaded the river of blood later U.S. forlidid oringinal Indians singig in Frech Christian upward translation preducution Fracne pasotr delw the cross o secret Prostor cour bruned at the stake last week of his life aftert they burn if you witnedd for Christ womam Frecn borugh her to corut gulity of heresy life dressed in black cell finest white gown I see my dear hysnaf I warn for you no scripture witness tongue out it But my Mater kill the soul destroy hell people on both sides going to the stake quoting tusrt the lOrd Jesu command throat cutit off comput burned heaven talk going this out-of-control feet in the fire head in the fire body in the fire wrong palce precious presetn iwth <> The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want. (Psalms 23:1) b 6 white caituh clouds celtsitla crown mytyr's cron robe of rightopuse charopitu of God holly shoud and getes jesus Madame Dleuc myar's Jesus feet eathe life is over now right people of God persihed in the flav e we canot 1568 Bishop;s Bible rueler protestant Queen Elizabeth the good queen beth execiuteed 27 Baptist people secret catachombs secret ion protest in poer no freedom freedom amresica 27 little girl executed Jesus Joh Fox Fox Book of Marytes pleas not to death Baptist wrong in doctrine whipped in public stock riducle inprosiz banish from the kingdom buriong staked Good qe beth 16 year old boy cart of donkye strett rotten friut rocks head knoecking him beat him to life out of him so yound not knoeing much of life wasn't alone word of God 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. (Psalms 23) Jesus died alone We'll 1611 king James Biuble The besti minds in the 54 chosen non expert 3 langueges 1-0 and 12 one man epetet tranalac and read tongues inoterpeatr genral of the whole 54 one living Ken Taylor weak Hebreww worse English genreation fit 1st esdtion virngin birht fautly test King James and ancient promised Masorecxt Textuc Repceut of the new alluede to pure Engligh producee fruit made missionaries built Bible College trun theri back on tru twice dead noever modern fruit Jesus freajes narcoritcis club relgion hiugh life styles fruit semel to good rotten corupted streen dead horde good stream prudce marotu evidcne draw a conclus Blloy mAry on a mnoday soldiers from home to home burned at the staked arounf theoruf neck persectuin in the fiures word of God as they died that week Roldan Taylot hero of the faith raised trupmet chriarian oeple they urn the many chrsitian this week firecd Pastor insrrudetion hoirse ready English Holland cpature yiu say Pasptor said Hpoopd frined the last time tender for me justiice hands cruel death cuase of the Biuble on my side the arreist to Lodan in the King stake man in supper ith ihs John Hull brun at the stake of his church afeter supper prayed a book od the maryts book Yiur roland tayloer without all dieding eteranl sALVATION YOUR FAHTER the Bible wrttten jesus indcar need to know procession two day jounry bretneood six weeks before Apst herose by palce of excution ashesd Willaima hunet stopped over night two mile of Haldu Pasiot God mater never for a two Fahther house poor man saved God Parot word od eternal life etirnt own sides of the strrto past to his death restain the people hoerse poo blinf couple gold handerchiked nedd of gold street of gold burn ed the Christians descend pryar the stake officer curising him pray walked to the Welcom crosr of Chriust kinflinf burn everryihtngh bone nothing left Pasor tesimony Good oeple you Gisped Christi only another word lightinh the king stratinged owupward Fahte Hae mercy on my billy clud away antoehr of God;s sercant winfs I have stood at the very peopm Mark stood where bloodf reat ey bye still cast pryerd be Giod thine aid sank seran steven opeoing raoture truth Engl;anmd boeed kisseed meet his God Do I pitty them woudl to God Heroeis of the salt of the ius the lgiuth of the world Let us pryer last sevice indusife so weak so little words go forth wonderful heritiage childre of those who the dame many Chritians soul diciecsation and pryer unavl;be prayur yiu know all od our cirstamde beleing hime Lord and Saviour in Jesus Amen.

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