To minister in the area of music a... Fargo Baptist Church is a blessing,
honor, and great responsibility.   It must [be re]member[ed] that when you are stand[ing] before
the congregation and public to sing or m[inist]er musically, that you are representing the
Lord, as well as the church.   Therefore th[ere] are some standards and responsibilities
that are to be maintained.   Your life needs [to b]e an example to others.   It is [a] serious task
to help prepare the hearts of the people for ... preaching to God's Word.   Thus, your
responsibility is great.


  1. Be faithful in attendance to all ch[urch] services.   (Heb. 10:25)
    Be faithful in special meetings (re...s, conferences, etc).   We
    will do our best to announce meeti... schedules in advance to
    help you schedule your time.

  2. If you are not right with God on a... ea of your life you disqualify
    yourself, (James 4:17) as well as q[uenc]h the blessings of God
    from being on the music ministry.

  3. If you cannot support the Pastor of ... urch in attitude and service, you should
    not be involved in the music mini[stry]
    (Prov. 6:16-19).

  4. No gossiper or contentious perso[n wil]l be allowed in the music
    ministry.   We want God to be able [to us]e us in the services
    (Rom. 2:8).

  5. Please be prompt in practices and [per]formances, if you are unable to sing when
    scheduled, or if you are going to b[e ab]sent, or become sick, please notify the
    Pastor ahead of time.
    (Rom. 12:11).

  6. Keep your life clean.   Your testim[ony] is so important.
    (I Tim. 4:12)   No one will sing befo[re th]e congregation with a bad

  7. Church members involved in the [chur]ch program should be
    faithful in daily devotions (II Tim. [2:1]5).

  8. Anyone involved in the music mi[nistr]y must faithfully tithe to the
    Fargo Baptist Church.   There is n[o oth]er storehouse than your
    local church.   (Mal. 3:10)   A non-ti[ther] will not be involved in the
    music program.   It is the essence o[f hy]pocrisy to stand before [the]
    congregation singing songs of prai[se] and faith, while robbing and
    dishonoring God on a weekly basi[s.]   Such hypocrisy would
    quench the blessings of God before [th]e preaching even begins.

  9. Men should wear suits and ties.   H... and appearance should be
    scriptural (I Cor. 11:14) and tidy.   L[adi]es will not wear pants to
    services.   (Deu. 22:5)   Dresses to th[e kn]ees are required.   Please
    be ladylike at all times.

  10. Those involved in the music prog[ram] should be able to sing.
    Please be honest with yourself.   I... music director feels you
    do no[t] qualify, please have a good [attit]ude about it, and seek to
    serve God in another area with z...   Anyone involved in the
    music ministry should be able to ... and sing their particular
    part, and follow the notes.

[] Please remember that anyone wh[o sta]nds before the congre-
    gation to minister with music, is [repr]esenting the Fargo
    Baptist Church.   Your life and tes[timo]ny must be above reproach
    in the eyes of the world.   (Titus 2:8[;] I Peter 3:16)

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