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  1. Name 3 things that Jesus experienced which human beings [mankind] experience.

  2. Briefly describe what Jesus looked like.

  3. In the entire universe, who is capable of forgiving sins?

  4. Did Jesus ever make any claims to being God?

  5. How far did Jesus Christ walk to be baptized by John the Baptist?

  6. Why is Jesus' "stepfather" never mentioned again after Jesus was age 12?

  7. What was Jesus' mission?

  8. Did Mary and Joseph have other children after the virgin birth of Christ?

  9. Name 3 things that Jesus did that only God can do.

  10. Complete the BIBLE verses.
    I ___ __ ______ ___ ___. John 10:30

    [H]e ___ _______ ___ ___ ______________,
    [H]e was _______ ___ ___ __________: Isaiah 53:5

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