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  1. Which famous American revealed the fact that he read the BIBLE every night?

  2. On what national monument is LEVITICUS 25:10 inscribed?

  3. When the British cut off the supply of BIBLES to the colonies during the
    American Revolution, what happened?

  4. Who was burned at the stake for translating the BIBLE from Greek into English in

  5. In what year was the BIBLE removed from public school education?

  6. How many books are in the BIBLE? In the Old Testament?
    In the New Testament?

  7. What French writer tried to destroy the BIBLE, only to have his printing press
    used to print BIBLES after his death?

  8. Which famous American wrote the classic Christian novel Ben Hur?

  9. What are the 2 most important questions in life?

  10. Give 3 reasons why the BIBLE is unique.

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