Song Leading Final Exam


1. Look up the following songs and record:
          a. Time signature
          b. Key signature
          c. Note value and name(s) of the 2nd note(s) of the 3rd [full] measure





2. Look up the following songs and record the pattern(s) you would use to direct.   If more than
    one pattern, please note which you would probably use.


3. What does it mean for a song leader to have a "wholesome" personality?

4. List 3 personal qualifications of a song leader and briefly describe each.


5. What is a "lilting" rythym?

6. What is the symbol for cut time?
7. Why should you be very familiar with the words to the songs you are leading?


8. The size of your arm motions are relative to these three things...

  1. The ________ of the congregation
  2. The _________ of the song
  3. The type of ___________ you are leading

9. You should always sing the __________ of the song when you are leading.

10. Name 3 ways you can attract interest for the song service.


11. Name 3 ways you can maintain interest during the song service.


Essay -- Write a good paragraph explaining how you can use the information learned from this
class in your future ministry.   Be precise and . . .no snow.