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1) God's Plan In The Psalms
   a. Ps. 22v22 - in the midst of the congregation
   b. Ps. 9v1 - with my whole heart
   c. Ps. 9v11 - among the people
   d. Ps. 9v14 - in the gates
   e. Ps. 18v49 - among the heathen
   f. Ps. 26v7 - PUBLISH!!!
   g. Ps. 57v9 - among the nations
   h. Ps. 78v1-8 - to our fathers' children/generation to come
   i. Ps. 79v13 - to all generations

2) The Ministry Of Music (not entertainment, but edification)
   a. Ps. 149v6 - Bible and songbook
   b. II Sam. 23v1-2 - Psalm equals Bible & song & prayer
   c. Records of the kings of Judah - the tried & true music
       of David
   d. Rev. 3v8 - Philadelphia church music (a little strength/
       kept my word/not denied my name [1750-1900])
   e. Col. 3v16 - Bible and song (Bible comes first)
   f. Eph. 5v19 - psalms, hymns & spiritual songs (not against
       new songs, but never forget the old - remove not the
       ancient landmark - Prov. 22v28)

3) The Gift Of Music - James 1v17 (given by God to bless man ---
     Satan will curse man with it)
   a. Job 38v6-7 - joy vs sorrow
   b. Ex. 15v1-2 - strength vs weakness
   c. Ps. 32v7 - deliverance vs bondage
   d. II Chr. 20v14-30 - victory & revival vs defeat
   e. Ps. 100v2 - fellowship with God vs fellowship with Satan
   f. Eph. 5v18-19 - Holy Spirit filling vs unholy spirit filling

And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our
God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

                                                                    Psalm 40:3