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 1. Who is the only person in the universe worthy of receiving worship?
_ _

 2. What was the penalty toward anyone claiming to be God?
_ _

 3. Name 3 things that Jesus experienced which human beings also experience.
_ _ A.
_ _ B.
_ _ C.

 4. Briefly describe what Jesus mostly looked like.
_ _
_ _

 5. How many years did the actual ministry of Jesus last?

 6. Why did a leper have to stay away from other people?
_ _
_ _

 7. What was the occupation of Jesus before He began His ministry?

 8. God the Son subjected Himself to everything humans must go through in order to be able to say. . .
_ _

 9. Who is the only one capable of forgiving sins?

10. Did Jesus ever claim to be God?

11. To whom did the angels announce the birth of Jesus to?

12. How far did Jesus walk to be baptized by John the Baptist?

13. Why is Jesus' 'stepfather' Joseph never mentioned again after Jesus was age 12?
_ _

14. The virgin birth of Christ was made possible as a result of a conception taking place through the power of the .

15. What is unique about the tomb of Jesus Christ?
_ _

16. The 'void' in man is filled by
_ _

17. Identify the Trinity
_ _ A. ,
_ _ B. ,
_ _ C.

18. What does omniscience mean?
_ _
_ _

19. Why did Jesus never officiate at a funeral service?
_ _
_ _

20. Name a BIBLE proof that teaches Jesus existed before His birth in Bethlehem.
_ _

21. Did Mary and Joseph have other children after the virgin birth of Jesus?

22. Who killed all the babies under age two in an attempt to kill baby Jesus?

23. "___ __________ _________ __________________ ________ __________" John 10:30
_ _

24. What is the furthest Jesus traveled from His hometown?
_ _

25. What does the title of "Jesus Christ" literally mean?

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