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 1. Give the reference to the BIBLE verse that revealed, before the days of Columbus, that the world was round.
_ _

 2. What verse in the BIBLE is the possible model for the branches of the U.S. government?
_ _

 3. Which famous American revealed the fact that he read the BIBLE every night?
_ _

 4. What do the Old Testament books of Isaiah thru Malachi have in common with the New Testament Book of Revelation?
_ _

 5. On what national monument is LEVITICUS 25:10 inscribed?
_ _

 6. When the British cut off the supply of BIBLES to the colonies during the American Revolution, what happened?
_ _

 7. According to Theodore Roosevelt, what is worth more than a college education?
_ _

 8. According to Noah Webster, what is useless without the BIBLE?
_ _

 9. What does the first verse of the BIBLE say?
_ _

10. The name 'BIBLE' comes from what 2 words?
_ _ A.
_ _ B.

11. The construction of the BIBLE seems impossible unless what is true?
_ _

12. How many works of Herodotus exist today?

13. Who was burned at the stake for translating the BIBLE from Greek into English in 1536?
_ _

14. Who wrote the classic Christian novel, Ben Hur?
_ _

15. What section of the BIBLE served as the basis for American morals and ethics?
_ _

16. What was the original declared purpose of Harvard University?
_ _

17. What was the original language that the New Testament was written in?
_ _

18. What is the span of time between the Old and New Testaments?
_ _

19. The Book of Romans is called an or "letter."

20. Who said 'I believe the BIBLE is the best gift God has given to man.'?
_ _

21. In what year was the BIBLE removed from public school education?

22. How many books are in the BIBLE?
_ _ In the Old Testament?
_ _ In the New Testament?

23. "All scripture is given by _____________ ____ _______" II TIMOTHY 3:16
_ _

24. What Roman Emperor tried to destroy all BIBLES in 303 A.D.?
_ _

25. What French writer tried to destroy the BIBLE, only to have his printing press used to print BIBLES after his death?
_ _

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