Does StL

WE ADHERE to the same doctrinal beliefs
as those of Fargo Baptist Church, and operate
UNDER ITS AUTHORITY in accordance with
the Biblical teachings of the LOCAL New
Testament church--as found in the KING

"Unto him be glory
in the church
  Eph. 3:21

We Believe . . .
"that repentance and remission of sins should be preached
in his name among all nations
  Luke 24:47

In these last days, there is too much easy-believism; FALSE PROFESSIONS are
very common; the preaching of true Bible repentance is sorely lacking.   StL
produces tracts and stories that emphasize and illustrate repentance and what it
truly means.

We believe a repentant sinner must not only forsake sin, self- righteousness,
religion, and trusting in themselves, but they must also SUBMIT to Christ as
LORD, as well as Saviour, who,
"now commandeth all men every where to
Acts 17:30

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listing of
what we
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of Faith

  We Believe . . .
"we are sanctified through the offering of the
body of Jesus Christ once for all."
  Heb. 10:10

In these last days, there are many unscriptural practices
taking place.   Ecumenicalism is rampant as more
churches adhere to the so-called "universal invisible

   StL puts the emphasis on sanctification--separating
from, and exposing such practices.
  "mark them which
cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine
which ye have learned; and avoid them."
  Rom. 16:17

We expose all types of "works" salvation, believing that
Jesus Christ's death and SHED BLOOD is the only
payment God will accept for sin; and that once saved,
  "repentance toward God, and faith
toward our Lord Jesus Christ."
  Acts 20:21