Chronicles . . .

Join Pastor Eric Williamson as he battles for
truth, armed with only God's grace and a
Bible.   Each short story is in booklet form.


Tossed To and Fro

Jim, raised up Catholic, can't believe that a person can know for sure he's going to Heaven when he dies.   Find out what happens as he's tossed to and fro between his priest and Williamson.
A Tinkling

Tom is caught in a
trap, justifying sinful
acts with his "gift of tongues."   Learn how
his rationalizing
stacks up against Williamson's trusty

Clearly Seen

Niles Thatcher's god is science; he's an Evolutionist.   An intense battle rages when his
own step-son shows interest in what Williamson has to say about man's true origin.
A Falling Away First

Williamson goes to Washington for the reading of his deceased uncle's will.   What will he learn? And how does it tie-in with the so- called "modern day revival" among congressmen, whose chaplain is none other than Williamson's cousin?