Phau Yauhas



   This Hmong translation of the Bible was
begun in 1985 by Dr. Nao Ko Yang assisted by
Dr. Edward Fort.   Through much preparation,
prayer and consulting with other professing
Hmong Christians concerning the text, We
have endeavored to place the pure word of
God in the Hmong language.   We have used
the KJV 1611 as the basis of our translation
referring to Greek and Hebrew meanings when
the difficulty arose not from English but in find-
ing the proper meaning and words in Hmong.
The copyright is only to protect the purity of the
text.   We give wholeheartedly here, written
permission to anyone to copy, duplicate, print,
distribute in any and all means this text of the
Hmong Bible and in so doing help reach the
Hmong people with the word of God.   Please
include this introduction with any and all por-
tions of the text copied and distributed by any
means.   Sincerely, The translators and publish-

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