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The London Boys' Friend

JAMES W. C. FEGAN, the Boys' Friend, was born in
       a Christian home, and his godly training had much to
do with the shaping of his future career.   He was educated
at the City of London School, one of his fellow-scholars
being Lord Oxford.   On leaving school he entered a com-
mercial office in the city, but did not care for city life.
His intention was to finish with the smoke and din of
London as early as possible, and retire to the country,
where he could go in for outdoor life and healthful sports
which he loved, and in some of which he excelled, but God
had a nobler future in store for James Fegan.
   One night, when a lad of seventeen, he sat before the
fire in his bedroom wondering about his future prospects
and the time when he would be able to bid farewell to the
office and the saleroom, and ride and fish to his heart's
content for the remainder of his days.   But the Spirit of
God carried his thoughts further than he expected that
night, to the time when he would be old and would neither
have the desire nor the ability to enjoy such things.   And
then he remembered that after life there was death, and
after time Eternity.   What preparation was he making
for the great eternity whither he was journeying?
sin came before him and the impossibility of meeting a
holy God as he was.   He determined he could not go to
bed that night until the matter was settled.   Turning to
a Bible left by his mother in a chest of drawers in his
room, he learned of the love of God in sending His Son
to the Cross of Calvary to die for sinners such as he, how
that God had signified His complete satisfaction with the
death of His Son by raising Him from the dead, and that
all who believe on Him receive everlasting life.   That
night, on bended knee, He accepted Jesus Christ as his
own personal Saviour, and received the witness within
himself that He was born of God (1 John 5. 1).
   Immediately after conversion he commenced to work
for his new found Saviour, and found his life work in the
rescue of poor lads, hundreds of whom found in him a
true friend.   He died in 1926, aged 73.

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